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Head to the beautiful lake in Bussiere-Galant, it’s a 20 minute cycle or very short drive from us. It has sandy beaches and special zones for little ones to go feral in. It’s a place for adults and kids alike to lose a perfect afternoon. If you love canoeing, kayaking, SUP (stand up paddle-boarding), or other active adventures, we’ll show you how to get to the best in the area. Including the famous Aixe Canoe-Kayak, to explore the Haute Vienne river.

We can recommend several excellent riding schools nearby, which either have lessons in the school or can take you out on a hack to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Perigord-Limousin National Park.

At the end of the day, after being so active, we can organize onsite massages or yoga and Tai Chi classes to ease any aching muscles and help you chill out and relax.

We can provide you with route guides and also cycle hire recommendations. (We also have several bikes at the retreat, which you are welcome to use free of charge to explore). The voie verte cycle paths run for 2000km through the Haute Vienne. One of the main stations is just 5 minutes drive from us in the historic town of Châlus.


See the sites



Our nearest town and the home of not one, but two castles. The ruined castle that stands above the town is the 11th century Château of Châlus- Chabrol, where Richard the Lionheart was fatally wounded in 1199. Further down in the town you can see the remains of the Château of Châlus-Maulmont, built around 1280. There is a weekly market every Friday, where you can buy lots of local produce and there is a larger market here on the first Thursday of each month, well worth the visit.



The site of a meteorite crash (214 million years ago). Assuming that you are not concerned about ‘lightning striking the same place twice’ and you visit Rochechouart today, you an attractive castle. The Château de Rochechouart dates its origins to the 13th in later centuries to create a more comfortable living environment. Subsequently taken over by the local council, the Château is now home to the interesting Museum of Modern Art, both indoors and in the surrounding gardens. An unexpected highlight of the town, the museum has a large collection of modern art and installations which also has frequent temporary exhibitions.



Has daily markets, from 6am to the evening (1pm on Sundays), in the Central Market Hall. Which itself is beautiful, a remarkable example of 19th century architecture. It is a gourmet hotspot. The central covered market houses more than 40 shopkeepers serving a variety of local dishes and 2 typical restaurants. Whilst in Limoges, head to the Rue de la Boucherie, the Medieval quarter of Limoges.

Take in the history


Saint-Yrieix-la- Perche

A charming town with 13th & 16th architecture. Regular markets or fairs are here on either a Saturday or Friday. One of the best places around to aquire some world famous Limoges Porcelain. You can even go gold panning here, or at the local château: Jumilhac-le-Grand, which is stunning.

Château Nexon

A haven of greenery, the Nexon castle park is the ideal place for a tranquil stroll.

The castle of Nexon, is one of the must-see sites, because of the richness of its history and the traces left by its equestrian past. A haven of greenery, the Nexon castle park is the ideal place for a tranquil stroll. Open to visitors and home to a circus school, there is always plenty to do at the Château.


The town is classed as one of ‘les Plux Beaux Detours’, most beautiful detours, in France. Brantome sits on a bend of the river Dronne that encircles a large part of the town and the steep wooded slopes form an attractive backdrop. The Benedictine Abbey on the river’s edge is superb and this along with the old stone bridge, weir and pretty mill now turned into a splendid hotel and restaurant. Brantome one of the most adorable towns of the Dordogne with plenty of places to eat and shop is just a 45 minute drive away from us.

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