Grow with Rêve

Reve Retreat is more than just a place for a holiday, it’s a destination for escapism. We’re building a eco friendly space for people to celebrate special events, or to just come and re-charge. Items in our shop are inspired by, or used at Reve Retreat. Our push for adopting fruit trees and nut trees is to develop the permaculture status of Reve Retreat.

Adopt a fruit tree scheme

We're raising money to buy trees for our food forest project - a long held dream and an integral part of our Permaculture design for this land, the reasons for this are multiple:

  • Restoring empty agricultural land to a forested ecosystem

  • Sequestering carbon through the planting of more than 100 trees

  • Recreating habitat for birds, animals and insects, especially bees

  • Providing food security for our family, community and all visiting guests

  • Creating a teaching tool and demonstration site to share knowledge

  • Working towards a better future for our children, and for all children who visit us


But the best bit for you, is that you get to adopt a tree, to either visit in the future, or to reap the rewards further down the line.

Buy a tree


We send you 2-3 seasonal goodies reaped from our forest: chutnies, jams or pickles

Adopt a tree

We will send you an adoption certificate and regular updates on your tree.

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